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Database schema management & creation of new company databases: how?

Hi all,

Now that our database schema management tool is nearly ready, we can upgrade existing databases much more easily than before.

However, since changes will be marked in the database as "applied", we need some additional process for new databases. I'm seeing a number of solutions here;

1. Maintain schema changes in both Pg-database.sql *and* in the changes files in sql/changes/* and upon creating a new database, mark all changes in sql/changes/* as "applied", assuming Pg-database and the changes are in sync -- con: assumptions are always a risk
2. Make Pg-database into the first change and maintain all changes on top of it, never maintaining a full schema again -- con: as time goes by, creating a new database will take longer and longer.
3. Same as (2), but on every release, we generate a "current state" schema dump, to speed up the creation of a new database.

Any other options?





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