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Move to Dojo completed & (speed) improvement on 'master'

Hi all,

This is an update for those of you who do not follow the #ledgersmb IRC channel closely: John Locke basically "completed" our move to Dojo this weekend: instead of running against an uncompressed, unoptimized Dojo version, which requires litterally hundreds of requests to build the initial login page.

After merging his PR, there are only tens of requests due to the fact that the build system lumped the entire (used!) part of Dojo into a single request with a response as small as 400k to handle nearly the entire functionality we (currently) need to handle all of our dynamic UI interaction.

So while we're working to get the 1.5 release's features stable, we're also working on the infrastructure to provide a stable platform for us to maintain a long line of 1.5 releases on!



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