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Re: restart or fix

Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
    > I'll set up a 1.4.12 instance myself and see if I can produce the
    > "employee" issue there. If so, then I would expect the problem to be
    > resolved by 1.4.23, because I'm not having it at the moment and I'm not
    > aware of any other users of recent versions that may have it. I'll get
    > back to you about this in a few hours. If I need to send screenshots, I
    > may need to do that off-list (to prevent excess list traffic; there's
    > only a limited size per list directed e-mail).

    > Ok. I be seeing what you're seeing. Are your customers "Person" records? Or
    > do you create Company records for your customers?

I guess so... at somepoint in 1.4 I was unable to create any new records at
all, which fortunately hasn't been that big a deal.

So I have whatever format of contacts the 1.3->1.4 migration script

I'm upgrading to 1.4.23 this week.

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