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restart or fix

As I finish off my 2015 books, with my database file that is now ~13 years
old, through numerous versions of smb-ledger and ledgersmb, and many bugs and
database migrations, and lots of problems that may well be due to data-rot,
I am considering starting from a fresh database.

Of course, starting from scratch makes me also think if I should look
elsewhere.  I need a web-browser based accounting system that ideally I can
self-host a VM, and works with *nux desktops (my Amiga 2000 was replaced with
a Sun3... then NetBSD/x86...)
(So "ACCPAC", etc. are just out)...  Freshbooks has been on my list, but they
still don't really support bank accounts (i.e. reconciliation), just invoices
and expenses.

If/when I restart on LedgerSMB, then I would like to be able to export my
contact list and import it.  This probably the major issue.

Copy-As-New is my most used button, and it would be awesome if I could bring
samples along, but I think that will fail...

If only there was some kind of XML export of an invoice that could be
imported/emailed/signed. (I've wanted to 2 months on this problem for at
least 10 years now)

I'd really like to extend Copy-As-New to include Copy-As-New-and-include-payments,
and also "copy-as-new-but-add-1-month-to-dates" [for the mobile bill, or the
CC interest charges which changes each month, so recurring transactions can't
capture this...]

Since 1.3.x and non-editable transactions, I still don't have a reasonable
flow for making changes.  1.4 locked down transactions in the reconciliation
report, and won't include new ones without a delete... so what's the flow to
fix something?

Just now, I entered a purchase as 35.52, when in fact it was 32.52. Off my $3
That's what reconciliation is for... okay, now what?  We need a flow to *FIX* this.

I am still on 1.4.12, I mostly try to avoid upgrading except at the end of
the year, when I'll move to the .23 (sometime later tonight), and see.
I'm still sick with the problem that I can't create new Contacts.
(I have several other ledgers for other orgs, but they have fewer issues. I'm
the guinea pig before I upgrade them)

I sure hate the Dojo Toolkit, which I understand has gone away in 1.5.
If I start a fresh database, shall I start with 1.5?

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