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Re: restart or fix

    > You'll be going from 1.3 to 1.4, right? That's no problem. One solution here
    > would be to cut the 1.3->1.4 migration script down to the bits that are just
    > for contacts. That'd basically just seed your database with customers/vendors
    > and other contacts.
I'm at 1.4.12.

I'll set up a 1.4.12 instance myself and see if I can produce the "employee" issue there. If so, then I would expect the problem to be resolved by 1.4.23, because I'm not having it at the moment and I'm not aware of any other users of recent versions that may have it. I'll get back to you about this in a few hours. If I need to send screenshots, I may need to do that off-list (to prevent excess list traffic; there's only a limited size per list directed e-mail).

Ok. I be seeing what you're seeing. Are your customers "Person" records? Or do you create Company records for your customers?



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