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Re: permalink causes authentication failures


On Wed, Oct 28, 2015 at 10:42 PM, Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:

This is a bug report on 1.4.12, but I think it happened a few versions
before. I know there is slightly newer code.

When looking at a report, like transactions on my VISA card since date foo, I
found that the "permalink" was a good way to get an "update" after having
added new items in another tab.
The permalink works once, sometimes twice, and then it fails and produces an
HTTP authentication request box.

Could this have to do with the (default 90 minutes) time out on a session? Any idea how long it takes for the permalink to stop working?
Answering the request correctly doesn't
actually work...

I've seen this happen too, but don't really have a good reproduction recipe. Do you know how long you need to wait before this problem starts showing? (And what's your session time out set to in the 'defaults' screen?)

In any case, at that, all my tabs are screwed and I have to login again.
(I used to "update" on the reconciliation page, but that doesn't work anymore)

Does 1.5 have dojo gone?  I really hate how the pages load, and then half a
second later, "reformat".

No, 1.5 doesn't have Dojo gone, but 1.5 does have less reformatting going on due to the fact that updating the UI isn't a page load, but only a page DOM change, meaning that all code already loaded stays in the document and won't be reloaded off the cache. This results in a much better user experience, in my opinion (and I've heard similar opinions since beta1).

In 1.5, if the flicker stays too problematic, we might be able to put up a DIV over the page until the page is really loaded and formatted. That way, the flicker won't be visible while the browser is changing the DOM and only the end-result will be shown.

In fact, it caused me to click on "delete" today,
when I meant to click on Submit, because the boxes moved under my cursor..

Ouch. Well, I wouldn't recommend 1.5 for production yet, but if you can find some time to evaluate it and provide your feedback, it'd be highly appreciated. Hopefully, we'll be able to do something about any bad experiences and we'd be happy to use the good experiences as advertizing to win people over from 1.2 and 1.3 :-)





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