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1.4.18-rc1 released

Hi everyone;

LedgerSMB 1.4.18-rc1 is out.  This includes a few enhancements and fixes for multi-db setups, some fixed asset-related issues, a few setup issues, and more.

Feel free to test.  We are likely to release 1.4.18 in a few days if no problems are found.

Changelog for 1.4.18
* New feature:  Create users from setup.pl with no new perms (GH 883, Chris T)
* Fixed Net Book Value reporting '0' before depreciation (GH 879, ChrisT)
* Fixed permissions entering assets (GH 878, ChrisT)
* Removed broken handling of old datestyle settings (Chris T)
* Fixed #765, manage_users broken on db creation (Chris T)
* Fixed date showing up as PGDate::Hash on Asset report (Chris T)
* Removed unused pos_invoice.txt (GH #875, Chris T)
* Fixed SF1312, receipt not skipped on empty pay field (Chris T)
* Fixed SF1315, inv/part problems when heading/acc have same accno (Chris T)
* Fixed cannot create user with same user id as already in db (GH882 Chris T)
* Fixed sales checkbox doesnt save or display correctly (GH877, Chris T)
* Fixed orders search not respecting name field (SF1345, Chris T)
* Fixed role_prefix not committed after Copy Database (GH964, NickP)
* Add datepicker widget to Transaction Form date fields (NickP)
* Fixed invoice query not showing addresses for persons (Rami H

ChrisT is Chris Travers
NickP is Nick Prater
Rami H is Rami Hovi

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

Efficito:  Hosted Accounting and ERP.  Robust and Flexible.  No vendor lock-in.
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