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Re: 1.4.18-rc1 released

> LedgerSMB 1.4.18-rc1 is out.  This includes a few enhancements and fixes
> for multi-db setups, some fixed asset-related issues, a few setup issues,
> and more.
> Feel free to test.  We are likely to release 1.4.18 in a few days if no
> problems are found.

Adding transactions is broken in 1.4.18-rc1 and 1.4.17, as reported in:

To my mind 1.4.18 should not be released without this issue being addressed.

The issue was introduced when a new feature "enable automatic calculation
of taxes on AR/AP transactions" was added to 1.4.17 by this commit:

As per issue #963, this new feature does not seem to work properly and
breaks previously working functionality. Rather than delay 1.4.18 we could
revert this commit/feature for now.


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