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Proposal: "-dev" suffix for unreleased versions

Hi all,

The broked 1.4.13 release last month, brought to light an issue that I wanted to discuss for a longer time already.

Currently, new revisions in our development identify themselves as the last released version off that branch, with the exception of 'master' which doesn't report as 1.4.0, but as 1.4.999. So, all revisions *after* 1.4.12 report themselves as 1.4.12, when in fact they are different: they are steps to 1.4.13. Then, if someone would be asked which version the use, and they have no idea that theirs was set up directly from our repository, the'll tell us they're using 1.4.12 -- which in fact is something between 1.4.12(released) and 1.4.13(released).

My idea is to remove this ambiguity by having all versions which aren't set up from a tagged version identify themselves as *-dev. So, anything after the release of 1.4.12 would identify itself as 1.4.13-dev.

Even if it might not have prevented the 1.4.13 release from being borked, the release at least would not have identified itself as 1.4.12.

If we'd go with this scheme, I'd like to change the version of the 1.4 branch to 1.4.15-dev after the release of 1.4.14 and the version reported by master to 1.5.0-dev.




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