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Working on headings in PNL and B/S

Hi all,

Last week, I started working on getting "real" (nested) headings into LedgerSMB as was apparently already intended in 1.3/1.4 by being able to record a parent heading for headings.

My progress is good; in order to understand the territory (code) better, I hacked account headings into the PNL report. However, those are single-level headings without subtotals.

The next step will be to get multi-level headings, which I can probably get done quickly enough. However, thinking ahead, I think I need to have "account categories" on the account headings in order to be able to implement subtotals:

Since both income and expenses are converted to positive numbers, it'd be required to know what the type of header is, in order to correctly show the sign. This can't be derived from the accounts on lower levels, because at some point in the hierarchy, the header will have both Income and Expense account children. E.g. Gross Margin. If I had to automatically deduce the account category for this account -- which has both income and expense account children, it'd be Equity (being a subtotal below "Result for the year").

Should I implement automatic derivation of the sign from the types of accounts below a heading or should we make it user-input?



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