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1.4.11-rc1 out

Hi everyone;

I have uploaded 1.4.11 rc1 to our sourceforge page.  You can find it in files under beta releases.  Here's the changelog.  Please feel free to test before we release fully:
Changelog for 1.4.11
* Fixed account dropdowns on default screen (Nick P)
* Fixed broken comparison with oldvendor (Nick P)
* Fixed workflow for saving reconciliation reports (Nick P)
* Fixed HTML errors in payment details (Nick P)
* Making LaTeX optional on starman (Chris T)
* Fixing issues where colon is in password (Chris T)
* Fixed missing separation of duties on GL (Chris T)
* Fixed GL new button preserving first line (Chris T)
* Fixed AR/AP transactions not saving when using dojo widget (Chris T)
* Fixed 'New' button on GL entry screen leaving an uncleared line (Erik H)
* Fixed Account/Heading entry screen selecting tab on 'Update' (Erik H)
* Fixed Heading 'Save' action complaining about conflicting data (Erik H)
* Multiple fixes showing and saving account/heading headings (Erik H)
* Add 'Delete' option for headings not linked to accounts/headings (Erik H)
* Fixed encoding issue for special characters in password change (Erik H)

Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Erik H is Erik Huelsmann

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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