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Re: Working on headings in PNL and B/S

On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 02:53:11PM +0200, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> Last week, I started working on getting "real" (nested) headings into
> LedgerSMB as was apparently already intended in 1.3/1.4 by being able to
> record a parent heading for headings.

I have been thinking about this issue for a bit.  Ill coworkers
have been delaying my start on this.

Mostly, I find the current heading inflexible and needlessly 
complicating of the sql schema.  I propose that the headings be retired
and replaced by 

create table finrep  {
    -- financial report types
    finrep  text primary key,
    description text,
    balheader text,  -- balance sheet header
    incheader text,  -- income statement header
    -- budgetincheader  -- budget
    showaccno;  -- display numbers


create table layout {
    -- layout instructions for financial reports
    finrep text references finrep,
    gifi bool,          -- use gifi as accno
    depth  integer,     -- grand total is 1 upto finest detail depth
                        -- set a default indent with this?
    seq integer,        -- sequencer
    accnos text,        -- acount selection like  "0001,0004-0199"
    credit,             -- bool
    head text,          -- 
    foot text,
    showaccs bool,      -- display sub-accounts
    formatters text,    -- round to billions & you may simplify the report
    -- indentation 

These tables are to support a process that sorts the the layouts by
depth and seq ( or just by seq as easier for human minds), finds the
account info and orders it per the accnos' kind then string, 
and adds the appropriate accounts and outputs.  "Kind" being
asset, liability, equity, income or expense determining PnL or BS.

This process can ignore the current headers allowing a smooth transition.
Two defaults can sort by "kind" and gifi/accno without any data 
populating the above tables.

Can more than one  account belong to a gifi?
Does smbl require what I think of as well ordered accounts: A-L-Q-I_E?


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