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Re: 1.3.x and date field input field improvement - quick date entry

We add a few special variables to what is passed to the template.  By convention all special variables are in all caps.

USER is the variable to access the user object.

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 1:30 AM, Pongrácz István <..hidden..> wrote:


Here is a quick video demo about the enhancement: http://youtu.be/jonu1UqU4ys

I run into trouble with the new code: user.dateformat is empty, generated forms do not have title attribute ( for example: (yyyy-mm-dd) )

I tried several ways (<?lsmb user.dateformat ?>  and $myconfig{dateformat} but all of them are failed.

My question, how can I give the dateformat string to the title attribute?


  • UI/lib/elements.html
  • UI/Contact/search.html  (new code below, title is empty or script error, depends on what I try)
    • <?lsmb text('From'); ' '; INCLUDE input element_data={ size = '11', type='text', name = 'startdatefrom', class = 'date', title = <?lsmb user.dateformat ?>, _onblur_ = "return dattrans('startdatefrom');" };




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Hi All,

Yesterday I committed two modifications into my repository for 1.3.41.

I have an old, sql-ledger fork from www.tavugyvitel.hu and its date input field makes date entry very quick.

It works like this: 

I enter 0815 to the date field and press TAB to move the next input. A small _javascript_ changes this string to a valid date, for my case to 2014-08-15

With big help from Erik (ehu) on the irc channel, I succeed to integrate it into my 1.3.41 version and I commit to my github fork.

At this moment this works on offer/order/invoice date fields.

I searched and modified all class="date" input fields, but there are a lot of other date field where this class does not exist, so, I have to scan all the source to find and extend all date fields.

So, who is interesting about this modification, here are the two commits:

https://github.com/pongraczi/LedgerSMB/compare/ledgersmb:1.3...1.3  (DateInpurt part1 and part2)

5be5576 3e1772d







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