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Re: 1.3.x and date field input field improvement - quick date entry


Here is a quick video demo about the enhancement: http://youtu.be/jonu1UqU4ys

I run into trouble with the new code: user.dateformat is empty, generated forms do not have title attribute ( for example: (yyyy-mm-dd) )

I tried several ways (<?lsmb user.dateformat ?>  and $myconfig{dateformat} but all of them are failed.

My question, how can I give the dateformat string to the title attribute?





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Dátum: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 12:14:23 +0200

Hi All,

Yesterday I committed two modifications into my repository for 1.3.41.

I have an old, sql-ledger fork from www.tavugyvitel.hu and its date input field makes date entry very quick.

It works like this: 

I enter 0815 to the date field and press TAB to move the next input. A small _javascript_ changes this string to a valid date, for my case to 2014-08-15

With big help from Erik (ehu) on the irc channel, I succeed to integrate it into my 1.3.41 version and I commit to my github fork.

At this moment this works on offer/order/invoice date fields.

I searched and modified all class="date" input fields, but there are a lot of other date field where this class does not exist, so, I have to scan all the source to find and extend all date fields.

So, who is interesting about this modification, here are the two commits:

https://github.com/pongraczi/LedgerSMB/compare/ledgersmb:1.3...1.3  (DateInpurt part1 and part2)

5be5576 3e1772d






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