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Re: CRM and LedgerSMB

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 7:40 AM, o1bigtenor <..hidden..> wrote:

I had been using Kaddressbook to keep track of contact information for my network and have now gotten to where I have had a number of issues with same so am looking for a replacement.

There are some CRM aspects in LedgerSMB but what I was able to find was hard to find and to get to and wasn't quite detailed enough for what I want.

Is updating/enhancing/changing the CRM aspects present today in LedgerSMB on the radar?

It is on the radar.  There is a lot we'd like to do here.  The real issues are both ensuring that the changes meet real business goals and finding time to do the development.  If you have ideas on what can be improved, please raise the issues here.

Here are things that are personally on my radar.  I mentioned that I am building a rental module, but after that my next major addon I want to build is a customer/vendor portal which can handle ticketing and order entry.

This means being able to track tickets per customer or vendor (for example, support requests, requests for more information, etc), which itself would require better CRM functionality.  For 1.4, in theory, customer todo's are supported by the database.  They aren't currently supported by the front-end though.

The area after this that would come up is scheduling.  That's a ways off.  If you need something like that I would second Istvan's suggestion of egroupware.


If not, suggestions as to other good areas of investigation would be appreciated.


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