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Re: CRM and LedgerSMB


Personally I use eGroupware and plan to drop in a Zurmo.

Integration is in my scope, no timeline.

Customers/vendors synchronisation, for zurmo probably products (in specific group to limit them), too. It is really in early stage, but I also need it.




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Dátum: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 09:40:07 -0600

I had been using Kaddressbook to keep track of contact information for my network and have now gotten to where I have had a number of issues with same so am looking for a replacement.
There are some CRM aspects in LedgerSMB but what I was able to find was hard to find and to get to and wasn't quite detailed enough for what I want.

Is updating/enhancing/changing the CRM aspects present today in LedgerSMB on the radar?
If not, suggestions as to other good areas of investigation would be appreciated.
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