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Re: CRM and LedgerSMB

Hi Darald,

I know Chris has replied with his plans, but I am interested in finding out what you were hoping for.

A couple of questions if I may....

* What version of LSMB are you running?
* What features did you want, but couldn't find?
* What made it hard to find the features you did find?

David G

On 26/02/14 23:40, o1bigtenor wrote:

I had been using Kaddressbook to keep track of contact information for my network and have now gotten to where I have had a number of issues with same so am looking for a replacement.

There are some CRM aspects in LedgerSMB but what I was able to find was hard to find and to get to and wasn't quite detailed enough for what I want.

Is updating/enhancing/changing the CRM aspects present today in LedgerSMB on the radar?

If not, suggestions as to other good areas of investigation would be appreciated.


Darald Bantel

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