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My post-1.4 priorities

Hi everyone;

Once 1.4 gets to rc0 and we branch it off here are my own development priorities.  Feedback is appreciated.

1.  I want to move our existing 1.3/1.4 code to PGObject::Simple and PGObject::Simple::Role.  This requires minor wrappers and a very little bit of porting for code written in that timeframe.

2.  I want to move LedgerSMB::PGNumber and LedgerSMB::PGDate to use PGObject::Types::BigFloat and PGObject::Type::Datetime internally.  This would make these modules nearly CPAN-ready and pretty stable.

3.  I want to rewrite the financial code (AR/AP transactions, journal entries, payments, invoices, and, optionally reconciliation, though the latter will not require much in the way of rewriting).

4.  I want to start breaking off modules so we can put them in CPAN.  The core LedgerSMB.pm logic that we still need should be in LedgerSMB::Request, and we may want to start looking at rewriting the locale and App_State code as well.

5.  As a distant priority, I would like to start porting the menu functionality to PostgreSQL extension format, and get the modules to handle that CPAN-ready.

6.  Distant even from that I would like to do the same with the Chart of Accounts setup.

I am sure a lot of other stuff and enhancements will be made along the way, but these are the big ticket items.   The first two will probably be done in a day.  The rest will take some time. Any feedback?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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