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Re: Looking at putting together an add-on for Washington State's sales tax

Hi, Chris,

The problem might be getting a bit more complicated than just Washington: http://www.marketplacefairness.org/what-is-the-marketplace-fairness-act/

... this act was approved by the Senate last spring, and is in committee in the House, expected to pass but there are other priorities ahead of it. Once it does, the quarter starting 6 months after passing will be when it goes into effect.


is a free web service sponsored by the participating states to handle determining what is taxable and at what rate, based on the destination address.

Providing a tax module that talks to this service, and setting up parts so that they can be tagged with the appropriate code, might be a big win for the project if this legislation passes.

For #1, to me this is the main difference between a Point-of-sale and a shipping system. I would say something along the following lines, in sequence (first match wins):

* Transaction done using POS: use store address
* Use ship-to address if exists
* Use billing address if exists
* Use store address

... perhaps we have a "Ship-to" that can be the store address?

... as I look at the sales invoice, I'm not seeing an option to select a shipping address. Shouldn't it be possible to have multiple shipping addresses associated with a customer? Then we could populate a drop-down, one of the addresses can be set as default, and the store can be an option.

#2, not sure what you're asking, what's wrong with the current display? I think the main thing is we need the rate, the basis, the location code, and probably the taxing authority. I don't know that there can be different rates within the same order (same destination) -- as far as I'm aware, there are not different rates for different kinds of products -- but if there are it might be necessary to have multiple tax lines. One consideration is whether shipping/handling is taxable or not...

John Locke

On 01/09/2014 02:55 AM, Chris Travers wrote:
Hi everyone;

I know we still have some users in Washington State.  I would like to modularize this so that other location-based tax systems could work as well.  My thinking is to put together a class which handles locations (and delivery vs non-delivery handling) and then inherit from that something that would look up the tax code and rate for a jurisdiction.

This leads to a couple of important questions:

1.  How do we want to address delivered vs nondelivered?  A default in defaults?  Just use the presence of a ship-to address (my preference)?

2.  How do we want to handle display?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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