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Re: Looking at putting together an add-on for Washington State's sales tax

Hi John,

On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 7:50 PM, John Locke <..hidden..> wrote:

#2, not sure what you're asking, what's wrong with the current display? I think the main thing is we need the rate, the basis, the location code, and probably the taxing authority. I don't know that there can be different rates within the same order (same destination) -- as far as I'm aware, there are not different rates for different kinds of products -- but if there are it might be necessary to have multiple tax lines. One consideration is whether shipping/handling is taxable or not...

In the NL (and other EU countries), we have two rates: one for primary living needs (6% taxed; food, drinks, etc.) and 20% for the rest. However, we also have services which are tax exempt (banking, education to children). This is all within the NL. If we start crossing EU boundaries, things start to be more complex: many services are taxable in the country of the customer, meaning that they are neither tax exempt no taxed with the vendor (they are what's called "subject to self-billing").

However, much of what's required to service this, seems to be supported by the "simple tax" module.


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