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Looking at building/offering a series of implementation courses, feedback requested


I have been contemplating, based on questions asked on the -users and -developer lists, offering a series of courses for folks wanting to get into implementing LedgerSMB.  I don't expect to offer courses on developing it at present just because I think this often is best handled with personal contact.  The courses would be offered online and would include screencasts, 1 on 1 time, and instructional material.  I haven't decided what to charge yet.

The goal would be to help folks who are consultants out there more generally learn the basic necessities for implementing LedgerSMB.  As a result I would cover, at a minimum:

1.  How the entire environment works together (Perl, the web server, PostgreSQL, etc).

2.  What tasks we delegate to each (authentication is delegated to PostgreSQL for example).

3.  Very basic Apache and PostgreSQL administration.

4.  Security considerations.

Is there anything else that shoudl be covered?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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