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Re: Looking at building/offering a series of implementation courses, feedback requested

On Sat, 7 Dec 2013 07:08:51 -0800
Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:

From a non-developer who has asked some questions though, those were
basically due to the fact that I missed the memo to not log in anymore
on port 5432, but to host:80/ledgersmb instead, which until lately I
never had done before.
Basically my questions weren't needed, so don't base your offering on
my troubleshooting attempts.

Also don't count me in as I'm using the software on a free 'as in
beer' basis, sorry.


> Hi;
> I have been contemplating, based on questions asked on the -users and
> -developer lists, offering a series of courses for folks wanting to
> get into implementing LedgerSMB.  I don't expect to offer courses on
> developing it at present just because I think this often is best
> handled with personal contact.  The courses would be offered online
> and would include screencasts, 1 on 1 time, and instructional
> material.  I haven't decided what to charge yet.
> The goal would be to help folks who are consultants out there more
> generally learn the basic necessities for implementing LedgerSMB.  As
> a result I would cover, at a minimum:
> 1.  How the entire environment works together (Perl, the web server,
> PostgreSQL, etc).
> 2.  What tasks we delegate to each (authentication is delegated to
> PostgreSQL for example).
> 3.  Very basic Apache and PostgreSQL administration.
> 4.  Security considerations.
> Is there anything else that shoudl be covered?