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Work remaining toward a 1.4 release

Hi all,

Today I wondered what's there between now and the point where we can release 1.4.0. So, I started to look at any open 1.4 bugs. It seems there are none at the moment (neither are there any open tickets on 1.3).

So, I would like to request everybody who is currently running 1.4 and knows about any unsolved problems to report those on SourceForge (or in response to this message so I can). That way, we have a canonical place to record whether we're ready to release 1.4 or not.

Further more, I propose we create a stabilization branch next week, so that any features which are committed to trunk will appear in 1.5 and stop to destabilize 1.4. I'm particularly thinking of Istvan's "invoice creation date"-forward port which (accidentally) caused destabilization. If we branch sooner rather than later, we'll be able to control the stability of 1.4 better -admittedly at the cost of backport-efforts.

After branching 1.4, we could release 1.4-alpha2 to stimulate testing by a wider audience.

Irrespective of whether we branch or not, it seems more and more people are starting to use Apache 2.4. To help people get a working configuration, we want to deliver a separate 2.4 template - this applies to 1.4 and 1.3 equally, so doesn't need to delay the release of a 1.4 alpha. As soon as we have an apache2.4 config template, we can release that with 1.3, 1.4 and put it in trunk, if we do so after branching.

Any other items/steps?



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