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Re: Move to git?

Chris Travers <chris@...> writes:
> we currently have a git gateway run by Jeff K, and he has commit
> access to our SVN repository but I don't think it has ever been
> a source of contributions.

I don't think there's any particular need to move to git at this time.
LedgerSMB's core committers are productive and comfortable with subversion.

My commits to LedgerSMB have been done from the git-svn clone. It works
well. It's easy for anyone to make a local clone of that and work with git. I
recommend this for anyone customizing LedgerSMB.

If additional active committers who prefer git come on board, that might be a
time to revisit git migration. Migration is a one day job, essentially cloning
filtering out git-svn metadata resulting in an clean git history.

I'll be happy to help anyone looking to use LedgerSMB from the git-svn clone.