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Move to git?

Hi folks, There was a previous (several?) discussion about moving the source to git? I kind of thought that the conclusion was "yes"? What happened?

I would be very keen to see the code move to some kind of dvcs - I have a desire to develop some enhancements to our local installation and I confess that I find it *massively* easier to maintain a fork using some kind of dvcs than SVN... I concede that it should be possible for me to use git locally and pull from svn upstream, but I have had various failures making that work in practice, seems somewhat fragile..?

What is the current status? Any chance I might raise the idea as a serious prospect again? Note I do think running some kind of modern dvcs is a significant boost to attracting external developers...

Additionally I would lightly suggest that github can be a great place to host and can be a slightly positive marketing tool (I will accept opinions vary a lot on that...)

Thanks for listening!

Ed W