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Re: Move to git?

Hi Ed,

On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 7:47 PM, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi folks, There was a previous (several?) discussion about moving the
source to git? I kind of thought that the conclusion was "yes"? What

No idea. Nothing? :-)

Actually, I like that it didn't for several reasons:

 * I do most of my development on Windows or from Windows. Git integrates a lot less well with it than TortoiseSVN does for Subversion
 * While I'm very much at ease with the svn command line client, I'd have to learn a new tool to do my development with Git 

I would be very keen to see the code move to some kind of dvcs - I have
a desire to develop some enhancements to our local installation and I
confess that I find it *massively* easier to maintain a fork using some
kind of dvcs than SVN... I concede that it should be possible for me to
use git locally and pull from svn upstream, but I have had various
failures making that work in practice, seems somewhat fragile..?

Actually, I'm running a customization off the 1.3 branch as well. I'm using Subversion to do it and it hasn't posed any problems so far! The customized version is publicly available at http://www.hix.nu/svn-public/lsmb-customizations/trunk, if you're interested.
What is the current status?  Any chance I might raise the idea as a
serious prospect again?  Note I do think running some kind of modern
dvcs is a significant boost to attracting external developers...
While I think attracting more developers is an admirable goal well worth striving for, I'd sure hope they're not "external"! I'm really wondering if the availability of a git repository is the way to go though. As you said, you have the svn-git bridges to work with git off a subversion repository and there's the option to work even with subversion off the subversion repository, as I demonstrated above.

One thing I'm weary about is that such a move costs time. That's something the current core team members have little available of and we care to spend coding or developing the community - helping people understand how to use LSMB. Is spending our scarce resources on such a move really effort well spent?

Additionally I would lightly suggest that github can be a great place to
host and can be a slightly positive marketing tool (I will accept
opinions vary a lot on that...)

There are currently two LSMB cloned repositories on GitHub - if they're all registered on Ohloh.net.

My 0.02$. Thanks for bringing it up though. Don't feel discouraged to discuss and debate my opinion.