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Re: Bug in Contact editor

On 30/12/11 19:30, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
> Great! We've been using LSMB 1.3 in production since before 1.3.0. On
> average, we're really happy, although there are some smaller issues
> we're still finding. Having others comb through the app as well really
> helps and benefits us all. Thanks for picking up your share!

For us it isn't really usable at the moment. We use it to handle
inventory, all A/R, ordering and shipping, lots of multi-currency
transactions, VAT etc and there are just too many nits for the staff to
accept. However I'm pretty sure that all of them are fairly simple to
fix and I'll try and look at fixing some myself.

I really need to write VAT reports but I'm seeing the same issue that
John Locke is seeing... and I just can't see how tax reports work at the

 Yup. I've reproduced it. Weird. I'm working on the issue with the
> sub-cent deviations now, so unfortunately, I can't spend any time on
> it this week.

No that's fine. It isn't a major problem but the staff flagged it up
immediately as a usability issue.

> Yup. I'm happy for you to report on the list, however, I follow the
> bug reports really closely as well. Having a bug in the bug tracker
> helps, because I tend to get behind on the starred mails. Don't know
> how others feel about it, but Chris and I have been working off the
> bug tracker list most of the time.
> However, it helps to have bugs filed which we truely believe to be
> bugs and the bug tracker isn't really a conversational platform --
> that's done much easier through the list.
> I guess I'm happy with either reporting method, as long as discussion
> is on the mailing list.
> Hope that's an answer?

Yep, that's perfect. I'll carry on filing through the list.