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Re: Bug in Contact editor

Hi Nigel,

> I've started my staff off on testing 1.3 with the aim of bringing it
> into production service by year end (31st March 2012). The following bug
> and feature request come out of that program

Great! We've been using LSMB 1.3 in production since before 1.3.0. On
average, we're really happy, although there are some smaller issues
we're still finding. Having others comb through the app as well really
helps and benefits us all. Thanks for picking up your share!

> Bug: When editing contact information the Description field is not
> populated with the existing information and if it isn't retyped then the
> description field is saved as empty

Yup. I've reproduced it. Weird. I'm working on the issue with the
sub-cent deviations now, so unfortunately, I can't spend any time on
it this week.

> Feature request: some indication of which contact you are editing would
> be handy
> Are folk happy with me posting bugs to this list? I haven't seen any
> response to the ones I posted yesterday (I'm not expecting fixes, just
> an indication that someone has seen it).

Yup. I'm happy for you to report on the list, however, I follow the
bug reports really closely as well. Having a bug in the bug tracker
helps, because I tend to get behind on the starred mails. Don't know
how others feel about it, but Chris and I have been working off the
bug tracker list most of the time.

However, it helps to have bugs filed which we truely believe to be
bugs and the bug tracker isn't really a conversational platform --
that's done much easier through the list.

I guess I'm happy with either reporting method, as long as discussion
is on the mailing list.

Hope that's an answer?