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Re: Possible Add-on?

Hi Chris,

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 6:41 PM, Chris Bennett
<..hidden..> wrote:
> What I have developed for my business, which is newconstruction and remodeling, started as a database of products, vendors selling those products, customers and the actual job sites, which a customer may have several, such as home and business.
> For me, I found entering updates and new data very tiresome and slow, so I developed a set of bots to both allow me to search for a group of products I wanted to add and another one for updating any price changes at intervals specified by a field in the database.
> Those programs would probably be useless for anyone else since I have to constantly change them to keep up with silly site changes that keep their IT looking busy. :)
> I have now added to allow me to develop small assemblies, such as a wall. which consists of assembly parts drawn from the parts table.
> A wall could be used in many different larger assemblies, such as a building with other walls that vary in each case
> I call the final product, such as a house a full assembly that consists of the various assemblies in the correct quantities.
> I then have a table that has just the final product with details such as categories, notes,etc.
> (I like speedy so I wrote the web interface in mod_perl. I would like to see LSMB in mod_perl at sometime in the future, hopefully.
>  subs for mod_perl or not mod:perl?)

Sure. So do many others. From what I understand from Chris Travers it
all depends on how quickly we can replace the inherited code with well
structured, correctly abstracted, multi-run-safe,
global-variable-avoiding code. From what I see, everybody is
interested in that, actually, because the resulting code will be much
less hard to maintain.

> Is anyone else interested in this?
> My functions and triggers pretty much work, but someone else could probably improve them a lot.I'm not a pro at stored procedures

I'm sorry, having a services company, I have very little feeling for
the usefullness of your extension. However, if the general feeling is
that it could add value to LSMB, we sure could factor it into an
add-on. If that gets enough use and testing, it could be incorporated
in the base code in due course.