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Possible Add-on?

What I have developed for my business, which is newconstruction and remodeling, started as a database of products, vendors selling those products, customers and the actual job sites, which a customer may have several, such as home and business.
For me, I found entering updates and new data very tiresome and slow, so I developed a set of bots to both allow me to search for a group of products I wanted to add and another one for updating any price changes at intervals specified by a field in the database.
Those programs would probably be useless for anyone else since I have to constantly change them to keep up with silly site changes that keep their IT looking busy. :)

I have now added to allow me to develop small assemblies, such as a wall. which consists of assembly parts drawn from the parts table.
A wall could be used in many different larger assemblies, such as a building with other walls that vary in each case
I call the final product, such as a house a full assembly that consists of the various assemblies in the correct quantities.
I then have a table that has just the final product with details such as categories, notes,etc.

(I like speedy so I wrote the web interface in mod_perl. I would like to see LSMB in mod_perl at sometime in the future, hopefully.
 subs for mod_perl or not mod:perl?)

Is anyone else interested in this?
My functions and triggers pretty much work, but someone else could probably improve them a lot.I'm not a pro at stored procedures

Chris Bennett