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Re: Site for LedgerSMB Forum

On 4/15/07, Chris Bennett <..hidden..> wrote:

If you want to advertise your business as sponsoring it, all the

I thought long and hard about that,
but decided that the value of external links was greater than any negative opinions about it.
I had a hard hard time finding SQL ledger by googling and only found LSMB by accident
I really don't care about the advertising part going to me right now at all. My interest is in advertising LSMB
That could change of course.

I think you misunderstand.  I am suggesting that if your business is
sponsoring it (providing that it is), then you should mention it on
the forum site,  This helps gain exposure and respect in the
community, helps give people the credit where due, etc.  In fact, when
Leah offered to put up a wiki, I suggested that she host it on her own
domain for this reason.

More community resources, the better.  We like community input and
participation.  But it is best for everyone to give credit wherever it
is due.

;-) Once I see that this will go forward I will add forum links to my business site
All other things aside, I have a personal reason for connecting my business to this project,
which I intend to write an article about on my business site later

I could use some help, but I AM NOT asking for hand holding. Most of the work must come from the users or not at all
I would like these mailing lists to automatically post to the boards for them in the forum.
Should I add an email address to the lists for that or is there a more reliable way/place for me to fetch the lists?
I would like Forum users to be able to post to the mailing lists
(in other words using the mailing lists, just under a different format [Forum style] that is easier for some to use)
First of all, is that an acceptable thing to do?

I have reservations about that idea.   I say we revisit it later.  If
you have a proposal, I would want to see spam control and email
harvest prevention addressed in it.

If yes, how?

I have no idea,  That is part of the problem.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers