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1.2.7 upgrade problems

Chris and crew,

Upgraded from 1.2.5 (with some of my own hot-fixes) to 1.2.7.

1.  I get asked at _every_ link selection to login (session expired)
Used the admin interface to up the time from 3600 to 86400 because the
preferences interface wouldn't save the value.  Still no go, though.

2.  AR links error out because I don't have a date that LedgerSMB
likes in the close books up to field (should be blank, but keeps
coming up 0 which is causing the error -- and my date type - dd/mm/yy,
closing books to 31/12/2006, is not liked either.

May be more, but can't get past these two for now.

David A. Bandel
Focus on the dream, not the competition.
           - Nemesis Air Racing Team motto