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Time to take down the fork notice?


The first text one reads on ledgersmb.org says:

"LedgerSMB is a fork of a popular general ledger software package called 
SQL-Ledger largely written and maintained by Dieter Simader.
SMB is an acronym for Small Medium Business."

The project is almost a year old now, and I'll bet there's as much of Chris' 
code as Dieter's at this point.  Time to stop calling ourselves a fork, yes?  
Or at least, not before we explain anything else.

I suggest:

"LedgerSMB is an open source, free, web-based small business general ledger 
and accounting software package.  It performs the work of popular software 
like QuickBooks and Peachtree, with additional modules for Point of Sale, 
Inventory and other features."

Then we can put the Dieter-fork sentence somewhere towards the end of the 
About page.

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco