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Re: For those interested in the CRM/Entity management

On 6/14/07, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:


 - Normalisation is often good, but it's also painful sometimes. I need
to cut and paste addresses in and out of the system and right now it
needs loads of work to paste into each field.

 What are you cutting and pasting out of and why aren't you using a form
or other tool such as OOBase or Access to do it?

 Emails...  "Dear sir, please send me 200 widgets to 223 Somewhere street,
out of town, UK"

Ok, I look at normalization as a mathematical method of ensuring that
the data can represent anything it needs to.

Interface and physical model are not tightly coupled.

 Also the current workflow doesn't work well for me with telephone
enquiries.  Typically I spend most of the call talking about products and
prices, then only at the very end of the call do I discover that they would
like to buy something and take down their address details - being able to
put in a new customer *after* having typed up a quote would be a superb
addition...  So in my case I normally use Notepad to jot down the details
and write up the quote after the call has finished (hence the cut and paste

Hmmm.....  I think that eventually this may be possible.  Submit a
feature request.

 Make sense?

Eventually, workflow and interface should be entirely different
issues.  Obviously one cannot save a quote without a customer.  But
one might be able to set it up to prompt for customer information

However, one thing you can do with the current workflow is create a
stock customer account, create the quote against that, and change the
customer once you enter that data.  Still a pain...

 - Multiple email addresses and tel numbers are possible. However, also
useful to mark one or more as "primary"

 Disagree, by the very term, you can only have a single primary number.
Keep in mind that you could always add more.

 I think this was originally a typo on my part - however, in retrospect I
think I still have quite a few customers who give me a bunch of different
numbers, but only some of them are really useful (perhaps work and then
mobile), hence it may be useful to have more than one "primary" number
(whatever you call it to make it semantically sensible...)

 Just a thought anyway

 Thanks for listening...

 Ed W

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