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Re: Custom input fields/tables

It is likely that custom_ scripts will be removed in favor of an
entirely new system.  Customers/vendors/employees willb e replaced in
1.3, much of the rest of the app will be replaced in 1.4.

_custom scripts have a few issues in that saving them automically,
etc. is a problem.  We are moving instead to custom fields which are
automatically picked up and saved on certan entities.  Currently these
include parts, invoices, and orders.  Then you have to do the user
interface customization (using _custom scripts for this for now), but
the new architecture will move this into custom workflow scripts and
custom templates.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 5/22/07, Ted Onley <..hidden..> wrote:

Sorry (again) if this is a double (or triple) post...... I haven't seen it post
yet.  I've obviously done something wrong...

I've done some work on converting a client of mine to SQL-Ledger.  This work
includes some custom fields in a custom table for inventory items, as well as
some customizations in inventory processing within the invoicing system.  I'd
like to convert them to Ledger-SMB instead.

Is the provision of using 'custom_' scripts on front end modules going to be
changed/removed at some point in Ledger-SMB?  If so, will there be any provision
for customization within Ledger-SMB that could be carried forward over upgrades?

Ted Onley

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