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LedgerSMB 1.2.5 released

LedgerSMB 1.2.5 has been released.

This release includes major bugfixes for users of 1.000,00 and 1000,00
number formats.  Users with these number formats are urged to upgrade
as soon as possible.

The release also includes a number of UTF-related fixes.  Users who
require umlauts, multibyte charaters, and accents should also upgrade.

Finally, this release includes a number of performance enhancements,
particularly for those with large databases.

Complete Changelog is as follows:
Changelog for 1.2.5
* Partsgroup handling corrected on POS and Sales invoice screens (Chris T)
* Closed books handling is corrected (Chris T)
* Corrected intermediate rounding issues involving sales tax (Chris T)
* Fixed FX issue with posting cash transfers (Chris T)
* Corrected multibyte handling in form generation (Seneca)
* Corrected NaN issues in invoice printing (Seneca)
* Corrected PO and order number searches not working (Chris T).
* Corrected Exchange Rate display issue (CHris T).
* Corrected number parsing issues with 1.000,00 formats (Chris T).
* Corrected a number of date handling issues and added tests (Seneca).
* Applied invoice performance patch from Ashley Gittins (Chris T)
* Applied performance improvements to lastname_used (Chris T)