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Re: Thoughts on payment handling in 1.4.x

On 4/27/07, Gerald Chudyk <..hidden..> wrote:
On 4/27/07, John Hasler <..hidden..> wrote:
> Ed W writes:
> > One area though that I think is likely to drop out is that sales orders,
> > sales invoices and sales quotes are all special cases of the same object.
> Invoices are accounting transactions.  Sales orders and quotes are not.
> --
There may be exceptions to this. There are some businesses who treat
signed sales orders as binding as purchase orders.  At least, they
report them as business items to management and shareholders. I am not
trying to draw exact parallels between purchase orders and sales
orders, but work flow security and auditing issues should be dealt
with in both the above cases.

Sales orders and invoices are both potentially legal documents.

Invoices are financial transactions while orders are not.

Again, information-wise they can still be part of the same physical
layout, but the order will not have the financial component.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers