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Re: Patch for UPGRADE file

On 4/22/07, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi David;

Sorry for the delay.  I have reviewed your patch and am about to commit it.

If you have any special instructions for the mention in the
CONTRIBUTORS file, please let me know off-list.  Normally we include
name, email and a description of contributions.

I'm good with whatever.

I plan next to take a look at the lynx scripts and probably work on
them as replacements for the moz scripts.  Will use xhtml 1.0 strict
or 1.1 (actually, I haven't noticed much difference between 1.0 strict
and 1.1).  Will do all in CSS2 using current stylesheets.  I plan to
not use javascript at this point -- I don't see that it adds much (I
subscribe to the KISS principle.).

If someone is already working on this, pls let me know.

BTW, GPL v2 is good for me, but what I've seen of the v3 drafts, I
don't particularly like.


Focus on the dream, not the competition.
           - Nemesis Air Racing Team motto