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Re: Site for LedgerSMB Forum

"Please state specifically that you are running this
for the community as a donation to the larger community as a whole."

No Problem! Yes. This forum project is a donation to the community, whole, part or pieces. I will also say that I am offering my services, not my own idea of what is desired.
If the developers feel that this project is unwanted and not useful, I will remove it.
But I am aiming this at the USERS, not the developers.
You clearly have a great system going for yourselves and I don't want to interfere.
I have posted notice here (and an earlier private email) out of respect.
I want to be clear that I am trying to NOT be one of those divisive influences that often crop up.

If you want to advertise your business as sponsoring it, all the

I thought long and hard about that,
but decided that the value of external links was greater than any negative opinions about it.
I had a hard hard time finding SQL ledger by googling and only found LSMB by accident
I really don't care about the advertising part going to me right now at all. My interest is in advertising LSMB
That could change of course. ;-) Once I see that this will go forward I will add forum links to my business site
All other things aside, I have a personal reason for connecting my business to this project,
which I intend to write an article about on my business site later

I could use some help, but I AM NOT asking for hand holding. Most of the work must come from the users or not at all
I would like these mailing lists to automatically post to the boards for them in the forum.
Should I add an email address to the lists for that or is there a more reliable way/place for me to fetch the lists?
I would like Forum users to be able to post to the mailing lists
(in other words using the mailing lists, just under a different format [Forum style] that is easier for some to use)
First of all, is that an acceptable thing to do?
If yes, how?
1 Automatically just like a forum post?
2 Make forums read only and have users sign up for the mailing list?
3 Can a person post to the mailing lists right now without signing up? Just by sending email.
4 Other?

I really don't want to siphon off people from the mailing lists.
I would like to add people to them with the forum AND pull away posts that aren't suitable for email lists
like long configuration files that need to be posted and hyper specific questions that would be of little interest to 99.9% of the users
Also I think some sticky topics would help prevent burnout by answering repetitive questions,
but also allow easy updates for changes

Don't get the wrong idea from the fact that I jumped in on this without really communicating much.
I just don't approve of people who talk endlessly about what they ought to do. I try to take action.
I will listen to all of you about any concerns/problems.