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Re: ledger-smb vs. ledgersmb

I wonder if we can get the project renamed in SF, and maybe have a
temporary redirect for a short while?

Are there plans, or a timeline to move from SF to the CMD server?



On 4/5/07, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
Just some history here.  The project has always been officially named
LedgerSMB.  Because SMB is sort of a separate part of the name, we
hyphenated it often in lower case (ledger-smb or LedgerSMB).  However,
we generally felt that it would be less confusing to just get rid of
the hyphenations entirely.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 4/5/07, Joshua D. Drake <..hidden..> wrote:
> Michael Schultheiss wrote:
> > I noticed 1.2.0 was released as ledgersmb rather than ledger-smb like
> > past revisions.  Is ledgersmb now the preferred name?
> yes, thankgoodness :)