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Re: Idea for New LaTeX formats. Comments?

Note that the last comment was somewhat in just.

Actually, on reviewing the CSS 2.0 specification, it is true that if
browsers implemented it propery, it could be "good enough" for a check
template (it supports a page box model similar to LaTeX, but most
browsers probably don't support this much if at all).

However, the fact remains, there is "good enough" and there is "the best."

I doubt we will ever find anything "better" than LaTeX regardless of
what else we choose to support.  The typography is likely to be
better, and I think that for businesses that want *really nice,
typographically correct* documents, there is simply no substitute.
Therefore, my personal feeling is that even with XML/XSLT (aside from
converting to LaTeX and a template library, which is likely to be a
supported path), LaTeX for layout and templating will still probably
be the preferred higher-end solution.

Just my $0.02.

Chris Travers