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Re: Tracking Customers

Understood.  In short, I think we need to support your customers needs
in some reasonable fashion without making the workflow longer than it
needs to be for others.  And the current plan allows for that,
according to Josh's post above.

1)  Based on Josh's response above, I think his responses will allow
for more effective balancing between streamlined workflow for most
users (who do not need this) and longer workflow for those that do.
Most of this is going to amount to engineering details that can be
worked out as this takes shape.  It is clear from his reponse though,
that Josh has put in a lot of thought into these issues :-).

2)  One of the points I have argued and will make again is that there
needs to be a separation between what is possible to implement for a
customer and what is actually implemented by default.  Even with
Josh's comments above, until we can get an Ajax implementation in
place, workflow is not likely to be easily optimized for the click and
wait model.  Having a good framework which *can* do this but may be
simple by default may be a good step forward.   Note that we are
working on making this much easier to customize on the UI side.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers