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Proposed (and tentative) roadmap

Hi all;

This document is an attempt to look at where we are going from here.
It may be helpful for people who wonder when certain features will be

1.3.0:  New architecture developed
* Customers/vendors replaced with Companies/Contacts
* --Employees rewritten(and Locations [of business] added)
* Users rewritten
* Settings/Defaults rewritten
* Real user-level security with appropriage enforcement
* Database-native user accounts, allowing for passing passwords
through to ActiveDirectory (or other LDAP system).  Kerberos support
will not be included in this version though.
* Revised template handling
* --Logging and revised error handling
* --RESTful web service interface

1.4.0:  Financial transaction redesign
* AR/AP invoices and transactions
* GL transactions
* Reports
* Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, and Quotations
* Price matrix
* Breaking POS interface off into separate, separately maintained package.

1.5.0:  More redesign aspects
* Business types and Pricegroups
* Warehouses
* Departments and Budgets (may happen earlier)
* Inventory management

2.0.0:  Getting rid of the last SQL-Ledger code in LSMB.   Moving
everything to the new architecture.

Any thoughts or feedback?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers