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Re: Thoughts for 1.3

Hi all;

Unfortunately, invoices are dependant on a lot of things.  Our current
plan is basically as follows:

1)  Develop a new architecture and move a few easy and critical areas
over to it in 1.3 (employees, users, security, and customers/vendors).
This gives us a chance to take a close look at the new architecture
and get used to it before throwing in the financial data.

2)  Move all financial data to new model in 1.4.  Invoices, GL,
reports, and maybe OE.

3)  Move the rest of the data into new model by 2.0.

Best Wishes,

On 3/10/07, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:
What's the current state with regards to all relevant data now being
saved with the invoice?  By which I mean that if in SQL-Ledger I change
a user's taxable status, or billing address, or even the global tax
rates then when I reprint a saved invoice the numbers change!!  This
makes it very easy (accidently) to change old invoices simply by
changing some details of the component items (line items or customer
details) - this seems completely unacceptable really?

Is this already resolved in LSMB?  Plans to do so in 1.3?

Ed W

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