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Re: Checklist for 1.3


1)  Web services interface (Jason has already contributed this)

I don't mean to start another ORM debate, but I have been playing with the new Rails 1.2 REST functionality. I think it's well worth having a play with how this is implemented in Rails in order to crib some nice ideas for possible implementations in LSMB

I'm sure that other frameworks also have other ideas, but I'm only really familiar with Rails (and NO I am NOT suggesting that it is used here, just that it's worth looking at it for ideas).

The basic idea is (of course) to encapsulate the controller code and make it more generic and then make the view rendering code more easily spit out to either XML or HTML. Then with a bit of pre-parsing it becomes easily possible to talk to all the standard GUI interface using either XML or standard web forms. Quite a simple idea really, but seems to work very well. The stuff about using POST, PUT, etc, seems a bit over the top, but it's nice icing for the right project.

I have used this in my own business so that we can talk to a couple of the main application screens and either interact with them via a webbrowser, or easily post in data from the commandline (or script). No significant extra code was required and it was super easy to test because I could either use the commandline OR the webbrowser.

Good luck

Ed W