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Re: Light manufacturing moduels....

A couple of reasons.  MRP requests comes up once and a while on the SL list 
and many small businesses don't want to be overwhelmed by an ERP system.  
Secondly I have around 11 years of background in MRP - I felt an MRP module 
would round out LSMB quite well.

Payroll has always been one of those funny modules.  Everyone wants it, but  
payroll would be different in each country / state, not to mention different 
business variations.  While I'm not opposed to working on a payroll module, 
do you think there would be more demand for payroll than MRP?


On Tuesday 30 January 2007 21:08, Josh Berkus wrote:
> Jeff,
> Is there a reason why you're drawn to ERP?  I ask because there are a bunch
> of open source ERP projects already (Compiere, OpenBravo, etc.) but there
> are not really good time&billing or payroll tools.