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Re: Language wars...

A couple more design points.

We intend to move all the SQL code into stored procedures.  These will
then be called with a single function which calls the appropriate
stored procedure.  This is what I mean by the model being almost but
not entirely contained in the db.

As for timeline, take a look at it this way (I am not sure this is
quite the concensus view, so it is just my own sense of how things are

1.0 was just a security fix release.
1.1 merged in some work done for other customers and added some
security fixes too.
1.2 merged in the rest of the work done for other customers, and added
security fixes too.
1.3 is where we are going to start moving the codebase over to the new
model.  We are committing to moving at least the Customers/Vendors
handling to this new system and probably more.  We may still be adding
features, of course.
2.0 is where all code is moved over to the new model.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers