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Re: Rehash: LedgerSMB Wiki

--- "Joshua D. Drake" <..hidden..> wrote:
> My main argument against would be that it is administratively difficult
> to manage. For example, I have zero desire to allow anonymous ticketing.
> I also have zero desire to allow anonymous wiki access. That means we
> need a signup and confirmation facility.

Complete agreement here, I don't think anyone runs Trac with anonymous editing
turned on anymore. You'd want people to learn a little bit about the LedgerSMB
development process before creating meaningful tickets or contributing patches
in the proper format.

If it's made crystal clear for a newbie how to 'svn diff' a working copy and
attach to their ticket, lots of users can feel like they're contributing
without requiring svn commit access.

Rather than an automated signup, I'd encourage a page with contact info for
requesting trac access, and direct them to read other pages with ticket
reporting guidelines, patch creation guidelines, component definitions, etc.

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