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Re: ledger-smb and SQL-Ledger-2.7 beta

On 12/5/06, Jeff Kowalczyk <..hidden..> wrote:
Not to troll, but:

Is LedgerSMB planning to incorporate the new features SQL-Ledger-2.7 beta,
scheduled for release mid December 2006?

Seems like SQL-Ledger 2.8 has been postponed (2.7 is the beta for
2.8).  There is no longer any date listed on the SQL-Ledger.com site
and the number of features promised is now double the number of
features listed in the beta.  So I don't know.  Going just by the
current iinfo on SQL-Ledger.com, I would expect 2.8 to be released
sometime Mid-December 2007 unless the feature list is drastically

However, I think the current thought is that we want to maintain a
migration path from SQL-Ledger for at least the next 12-18 months.  So
the short answer is "yes."

However, we will probably do the features differently.  Our codebases
are diverging rapidly.

This is more or less the motivation for my previous question about
diff-minimzation. But that's just the technical work of incorporating the

Don't bother trying to maintain diffs across the two forks.  We are
interested in building a new accounting/ERP app, not simply being
SQL-Ledger+bigfixes and new features...

There are a lot of areas where the codebases are already somewhat far
apart and the distance is going to get greater.

My underlying question is whether ledger-smb is to be a cold-turkey fork, or if
applicable changesets will migrate between the two codebases as a matter of policy/copyright?

It isn't a matter of policy or copyright.  Initially I expected we
could keep changes going back and forth.  However, we have had to make
a number of deep changes to the codebase in 1.2 that were unexpected,
and the more we scratch, the more we discover that we are going to
have to do a lot of re-engineering of the software.  In the end we
expect to get something that is a lot more maintainable than what we
have now, however.

Hope this helps,
Chris Travers