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Re: Feedback on new customer/vendor proposal

On Wednesday 08 November 2006 12:28, Chris Travers wrote:
> > not necessarily a physical address, but "Quantum View Notification" email
> > addresses, etc. (Something UPS offers)
> Can you go into this Quantum View Notification thing in a bit more detail?

When you send  the shipping details to UPS, you can enter several email 
addresses which will be sent emails automatically from UPS's systems as the 
package travels through their system.  We would need a way to store this data 
into the system, and  the multiple 'addresses' per company seems the most 

I don't expect this to be added to the core system, of course.   It's more of 
an example of things besides Shipping + Billing that we'll need to store, and 
things that may not even have physical mailing addresses.

> > Also, we have to be able to let invoices also have multiple address
> > objects per record.  (for example, Who we're shipping to, what the Ship
> > From address should be, if shipping for this sales invoice should be
> > billed to third party, and all the details of a UPS shipping record, like
> > the from/3rd party/quantum view, etc)
> Do ship from addresses tie to customers, warehouses, or something else?

In the specific application I'm thinking of, for some customers that do a lot 
of mail order stuff, we set the Ship from address to  an RMA center(I think)  
that they maintain.  It's an address that is different from Billing and 

We don't do this, but it's conceivable that the ship from address can change 
based on where we ship the final package to, (ie, maybe several RMA Centers 
scattered about the country) 


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